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The need for the specialist production of safety glass led to the formation of the Triplex Safety Glass Company to operate in Britain certain French patents for laminated glass.The manufacturing process involved fixing Xylonite or some other transparent material between 2 sheets of glass, thus triplex glass 1917 Triplex Safety Glass Co advertised a range of products.The other four were supplied by Kevin Mc Cabe on June 9, 2006: Per note at top of page, the dots above the letters T, R, E and X would represent 1st through 4th quarter of a production year.

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Helens, to produce laminated glass; the factory had Pilkington management with support from Triplex.Pilkington and Triplex then entered into agreements for Triplex to manufacture toughened glass for sale only to the motor and aircraft industries.Toughened Glass In the Trade Mark the words TRIPLEX and TOUGHENED were arranged in a circular formation around a triangular arrangement of the three X’s.My 75 GT has Sicursive side glass but a Triplex heated back-light with a code that fits the date of build of the car.This also works for any other make using TRIPLEX glass.