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“The biggest concern is the law has not set any minimum marriage age for special circumstances, meaning children can be married off at the age of 14-15,” said Nur Khan Liton who represents the Child Rights Advocacy Coalition in Bangladesh.

The coalition, which includes international charities such as Save the Children, Action Aid, national charities and rights groups, said the law could be abused and poses a “risk” to children.

At the time of the announcement, the Administration provided the Government of Bangladesh with a 16-point action plan outlining next steps as part of a longstanding effort to address in a meaningful way worker rights and safety problems in Bangladesh.

If implemented, the plan would provide a basis for the President to consider reinstating GSP trade benefits. Openness To, and Restrictions Upon, Foreign Investment Attitude toward Foreign Direct Investment With 6 percent annual growth sustained over the past two decades, a large workforce, and vibrant private sector, Bangladesh, the world’s eighth most populous country, offers opportunities for investment, especially in the energy, power, pharmaceutical, information technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure sectors as well as in labor-intensive industries such as readymade garments, household textiles, and leather processing. The government actively seeks foreign investment, particularly in energy, power, and infrastructure projects.

There is no denying that Bangladesh, who started evolving as a confident team after the 2015 World Cup, have improved their game significantly.The lack of effective alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and slow judicial processes impede the enforcement of contracts and the resolution of business disputes.There was significant political violence and uncertainty during the first quarter of 2015 following the one year anniversary of controversial national elections held in January 2014. - Bangladesh Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum Agreement (TICFA) was signed in Washington, D. The agreement provides a mechanism for both countries to meet regularly and identify obstacles to increasing bilateral trade and investment and how to overcome those obstacles.type is a web site whose primary service is in a completely different field than online dating. This legal loophole excludes many large web sites from complying with these laws and opens the door for scammers to join their sites and seek out American men to financially take advantage of. laws concerning online dating with foreign women since the majority of their business does not come from the online dating industry.