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Source: National Sleep Foundation; MIND; Mark’s Daily Apple; Mental Health Foundation; BBC Science.

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The visiting hours are unrestricted subject to medical considerations, and visitors are welcome to eat with patients in their rooms.Service-Users, click here to take the survey NHS Nottingham City CCG are inviting you as a user or potential user, of mental health services to comment on the services that you have, or would liked to have received.Your views are important in helping us find out how good current community mental health services are and how they can be improved.We provide care and support across the East Midlands, with 734,000 hours of care provided in 2015/2016 for the most vulnerable people in society.Our work covers mental health, learning disabilities, domestic violence, Asian elders, vulnerable young people, homelessness, teenage parents and older persons, whether they need a place to live or support in their own homes.