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Hers must be the finest female voice I have heard since Wonder Baloyi burst onto the music scene with her debut album Voices back in 2003.Cici's single Runaway does not sound anything like your typical 999 Music productions.We sat in his Midrand studio, just the two of us, while he did sound checks and last-minute adjustments.A young beautiful girl came in, flashed us a smile and went straight to the sound booth.I did a double-take, almost believing that Mafokate had somehow managed to bring back Aaliyah from the grave.Seeing my amazement, Mafokate smiled like the cat that ate the canary and whispered: "That's my new artist Cici, and she is phenomenal.Mafokate touched a few dials and signalled to her to check if she was ready.

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Conor Pope’s Consumer 999 is a brand new investigative consumer series.Though people of all ages can fall to romance scam, now in both countries victims over 40 prevail: about two-thirds in UK and more than three-quarters in the USA. Story of the 67-year-old Oxford-educated professor Judith Lathlean hit the headlines in December 2015.Her online romance cost her one broken heart, £140,000 and huge debts.Emotionally devastated woman even risked losing her own house. He introduced himself as an aged engineer raised in South Africa who lost his wife to cancer (though he fought by her side until the very end).Having already brought you a host of hit Irish shows from our state of the art Virgin Media TV3 HD Studio, including Keith Barry: Brain Hacker, The Lie and Crossfire, now it is your chance to get involved and take part in some of TV3's incredibly exciting new shows.